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Gulberg Residencia

Gulberg Residencia Islamabad

The Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad (IBECHS) is a welfare organization which helping the shelter requirements of the IB employees. It is mandatory that the Managing Committee of the IBECHS shall comprise of the serving IB employees only.

In 1984 the IBECHS developed a Housing Project for the low income IB employees as a IBECHS Phase-I and later on as Phase-II known as “Pakistan Town”.

In 2005 IBECHS started a landmark development named “Gulberg Islamabad” was initiated. Gulberg Islamabad is set to open the doors to a new style of living in Islamabad for you and your family, one that has never been experienced before. This is your opportunity to have all that you’ve ever wanted in your ideal location.

The Gulberg Residencia, Islamabad is a part of Gulberg Islamabad, a housing project launched by Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS) in 2005. The project is also known as IBECHS Phase-III, Islamabad. It is located on Islamabad Highway at the intersection of Zone-IV and Zone-V, 3km from Benazir Bhutto International Airport and 12km from Islamabad Club.

The master plan of Gulberg includes the “Gulberg Residencia” which is located at Dhoke Awan Zone-V, the project covers 15000 kanals of land with 10000 residential plots approximately. The revised layout plan was approved by Capital Development Authority on 18-06-2010. NOC from CDA has been issued Ref# “CDA/PLW-HS(127)/2009/257”. MOU with IESCO and SNGPL has been signed.

The development work was launched in June 2009 and is in progress.

Gulberg Brochure
Gulberg Brochure Page 1Gulberg Brochure Page 2

Gulberg Residencia offers Residential Plots of the following Sizes:

    • 200 sq. yards (30’x60′)
    • 272 sq. yards (35’x70′)
    • 356 sq. yards (40’x80′)
    • 500 sq. yards (50’x90′)
    • 1000 sq. yards (75’x120′)

Prices of Residential Plots in Gulberg Residencia are as under:


Gulberg Residencia Plot sizes and Payment Schedules

Payment schedule for undeveloped blocks (New booking) Payment schedule for developed blocks (New booking)
Payment schedule for undeveloped blocks (New booking) Gulberg IslamabadPayment schedule for developed blocks (New booking) Gulberg Islamabad


Gulberg Features


Salient Features

Entrance Gateway
Guarded Physical Survillance
Security Gates, Walls & CCTV

Modern City Infrastructure

Underground Electricity Distribution Network
Underground Drainage & Sewerage Network
Sewerage Treatment Plants
Underground WaterSupply Network TubeWells, underground & Overhead Water Storrage Facilities.
Water Filtation Plants
Underground Telecommunication Networks
Underground Gas Network

Modren Circulation Network

Express Way & Main Avenues (220′, 200′, 160′, 150′, 120′ Wide Main Roads)
Main Traffic Commuters (100′, 80′ & 70′ Wide Central Roads)
Internal Roads (60’ 50 ‘& 40’ Wide Access Streets)


Arboriculture and Horticulture planning of Roads Medians, Walkways, Road Shoulders, along water bodies.
Soft & hard Land Scapingo Parks,RoundAbouts, Passive and Active Recreational Sites.

Other Public Building/Amenities

Mosques, PoliceStation, PostOffice, Telephone Exchange, Fire Brigade, Grid Station, Transport Terminal, Graveyards etc

Civic & Recreational Facilities

Auditoriam, Public Library & Community Centers
Amusement Park, Totlots ,Open Spaces
Jogging Tracks & Walkways
Clubs & Gymnasium
Planned Water Bodies/Lakes
Sports & Cultural Complex
Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts
Theater & Ciniplex
Golf Club

Commercial Facilities

Business Avenue & Blue Area
Central Commercial Center/Markaz
Basic Needs Commercial Centers/Class-III Centers
Petrol Pumps & CNG Stations
Health Facilities
Clinic & Pharmacies
Institutional Facilities
Nurseries & Schools
Colleges & Universities
Residential Facilities
Standard Residential Houses (200-1000 Sq.Yds)

Luxury Apartments & Condominiums

Luxury Farm Houses (4,5,10&20Kanals)

Gulberg Maps are available here.

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