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Airport Enclave Islamabad

Airport Enclave 01


About the project

From the past few years, Islamabad, the capital city, has rapidly expended into New Islamabad Zones, the expending sectors with surrounded magnificent Margalla Hills range. The most rapid extension is towards New Islamabad International Airport and Motorway.

Keeping in view the futuristic requirements of modern living, the Airport Enclave (old Khudadad City) is planned at Junction of Motor way and New Islamabad International Airport.

Airport Enclave has already acquired 3000 kanals of land for this coming dream land and development is in progress that can be seen on the site.

Airport Enclave have given you an opportunity to fulfill your wishes for such a living that you have dreamed, and the golden chance for the money you’ll invest today shall become a treasure for tomorrow.

A prestigious venture, which has all amenities today and tomorrow’s need.
Airport Enclave:- To benefits its customers by providing Pollution free Environment, for their Residence within Islamic values and Tradition


Location of the Project

The most prominent and individualized feature of the Airport Enclave in it’s best location. Airport Enclave is ideally located in the middle of cluster of other housing societies in sector G-19 of Islamabad, and it is ideally connected to M-1 motorway, connected with two interchanges i.e. Islamabad interchange and Tarnol interchange on both sides, and also connected with New Islamabad International Airport road and Fateh Jang/Tarnol road. The Airport Enclave projects site is only 15 minutes’ drive from Zero point. The Mall road is at a distance of 12 minutes. New Islamabad International Airport is just at 2 minutes’ drive.

Airport Enclave is located in G-19 which shall be a highly innovative planned sector of the Capital City. Situated in the plan of the legendary Margalla Hills, from where the panoramic view of the rest of the city could be sighted.
The master piece of 3000 kanals is situated in cluster of TOP CITY, MUMTAZ CITY, SHALIMAR TOWN, PECHS MINISTRY OF COMMERCE and UNIVERSITY TOWN, through on location “BEST OF ALL”


Khudadad City Location in IslamabadAirport Enclave Location
Location of Airport Enclave (old Khudadad City)Location Plan of Airport Enclave


Salient Features

Airport Enclave certainly shall be having prominent and individualized place in all other of its kind, and also having features as: Beautifully and centrally located on a ‘clean, green and serene’ piece of land facing magnificent range of Margalla Hills. Airport Enclave have been marked as green area for public parks, green belts, jogging trails & tracks and plantation to keep environment more healthy and clean.

The colony will be consistory of two main boulevard and street of 30, 40, 50, 60, & 80 feet. Both side center green belts, parks and walk pavements along with service road.

Land and Streets shall be 30-40 feet wide with 6 feet sewerage will be underground.
20 ft. Green landscaped area in front of every house.

2 Degree colleges and 1 University in a sector and 4 schools in every sub-sector.

Well planned commercial area, precisely having high rise Shopping Mall, CNG/Fuel station, Community Centre, Business

Communication Centres ( service centres, Internet Cafe,video conferencing etc.) Hospitals, Masjids, Banks, Trade Centres and Graveyard.

Country club, Community Centre, municipality office and a complaint office to take care of resident complaints for 24/7.

A countryside club having Riding club, Golf club, Jogging and Walking tracks, Sports complex, Community get-together and event clubs, Squash and Tennis courts, Swimming pools, Sauna baths and Gyms etc.

Gas, cable network and telephone line etc will be laid as per requirement of the resident, CCTV & round the clock security services will be provided within a gated community.


Plot sizes, Payment Schedule and Map of Airport Enclave Islamabad

Following plot sizes are available for sale:
25×50, 30×60, 50×90

Payment Schedule of Khudadad CityKhudadad City G-19 Islamabad, Layout Plan 2014
Payment Schedule of Khudadad City PlotsMap of Khudadad City



Invitation to Investors

YOU ARE OUR VALUED CLIENTS. COME, JOIN US. We appreciate and always remember this fact. We have built close relationships with some large investor groups, and are interested in expanding these and exploring how Paras can be of service to you. Paras would like to invite more investors to join us.

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